Don’t forget to stretch……!

Don’t forget to stretch……!

Don’t forget to stretch……!

Pulseroll can help after a hard workout session when you just want to lie flat out… and not move another muscle….Yep I know the feeling!!

Stretching doesn’t have to be another tedious task, it’s actually really beneficial to recovery and helps to cool you down and restore your body back to ‘normality’. It’s actually really important to stretch, just a few minutes after your workout can be beneficial, and you’ll feel the difference.

A few benefits to stretching…

Retains Muscle balance; Failing to stretch after your workouts, you will experience problems over time with your posture and suffer with muscle imbalances which can cause you set back with your training. Sitting for long periods of time i.e., working in an office for 10 plus hours, will naturally result in muscles becoming tighter and weak. Stretching your body out for a few minutes each day and post workout can help your body stay conditioned, you’ll be ready to smash your next workout!

Ensures future mobility; Stretching helps to keep you mobile whilst reducing the risk of injury. This is important to ensure your gaining the best results from your sessions. Injuries are a setback and a right pain in the butt!! Your joints become supple when stretching, by increasing your mobility you are more able to perform to your full ability, no tight joints, or aches and pains getting in the way of your sessions!

Reduce soreness; after a heavy workout session, your muscles remain in a slightly-contracted state, especially after a strenuous ‘get me in shape NOW’! Kind of workout. To avoid the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset muscle Soreness) is to stretch liberally after your session. This helps to elongate and soften the muscle fibres, this will also help to r-condition you for your future training. Bonus!

Encourages supple flexibility; stretching out the surrounding soft tissue of muscle tendons and ligaments, helps to improve range of motion. This particularly helps when strength training, by gaining a full range of motion you are maintaining a full contraction on the working muscle.


What types of stretching?

Just to give you a couple of examples….

Dynamic stretching- before your session warm up for 5-10 minutes, this helps to prepare your muscles for the onslaught! Dynamic stretching basically means ‘stretching whilst moving’. These stretches shouldn’t be held for more than 3-10 seconds, for example- front-to-back leg swings, knee-hugs, quad-holds, arm swings, walking lunges, lunging-and-reaching etc

Static stretching- perform after your workout, hold each stretch for 10-30 seconds (or more). They can feel slightly uncomfortable, which is great! Means there working as long as they don’t feel too painful! Try not to force this type of stretch, slowly over time lengthen and relax the muscle.

Now you have a little insight into the benefits of stretching, give them a try! Stretching is definitely something that most of us ignore but it should become an important role of our daily routine. You will start to immediately feel the benefits from stretching pre-post workout so don’t wait any longer..!

Happy stretching…!






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